Did you know there are health benefits to having a regular massage?

No – well I am here to inform you that whilst some people think of a massage as a form of pampering, (and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that), there are enormous benefits be gained by having your body gently cared for, in the form of hands on treatments.

As babies we are caressed and have lotions put onto our bodies to help with our skin, we are also the most agile of gymnasts as babies; however as we get older we often lose sight of the benefits that came with being a baby, the stretching, the pulling, helping our muscles to be nimble. As adults we still need the manipulation of massage for our muscles to be strong and our overall well being.

The therapy room is located above the old public bath entrance of the Dulwich Leisure Centre. It is spacious and warm and with easy access to bathroom and shower facilities. You can also use our crèche service for children under five.

If it’s your first appointment you will be filling a consultation form to assess your conditions in order to provide you with the best suitable treatment.