Pregnancy Massage

Pregnancy massage provides the same benefits as a regular massage. Quite simply, your “Feel Good” massage. Its sole purpose is to relax muscles, ease tension and aid circulation. Many women, during pregnancy, develop shoulder, neck and lower back pain due to a change in centre of gravity and loosening of the pelvis ligaments and joints.

During treatment, you will be carefully posed so as to achieve optimal benefit. For example, while treating your back you will be placed on your side and while working the rest of your body, you will be placed on your back with plenty of support that’s safe and comfortable for you and the baby.

A belly rub is done only upon your request. If at any point during treatment you feel discomfort, simply alert and I will adjust the pressure to your desired intensity. It is possible you may feel some soreness after therapy; don’t be alarmed, this is sometimes necessary in order to release tension.

Prenatal massage is safest after the first trimester and can be beneficial up to and beyond your due date. This natural massage can also be given after birth. Provided that your delivery was without complication, you feel ready, and in the case of C-section, complete healing of the scar tissue.